August 18, 2014


...I've been so busy with school starting that it's been hard to keep up with all things sewing.  Thankfully two of my buddies alerted me that Simplicity patterns were on sale this weekend just in time for the MimiGStyles pattern release.  How nice of Hancock Fabrics - 5 FOR 5!  That averages out to $1.07 per pattern including Georgia's sales tax.
I'm such a skirt person that you know this shapely color blocked skirt WILL BE MINE.  People will be saying "just who does she think she is?" (hahaha).  Will love the top (with a little length added), and the pants and cardi too.  This is just a wonderful wardrobe pattern overall!

Ahhhh the continual color blocking - in such a nice way though.  That contrasting color right at the hip curve will certainly help give me the illusion of the smaller waistline that I envision in my head - I think???  (another ha ha!)

Both patterns are sure to boost many an upcoming Fall wardrobe.  $2.14 is such a small cost to support another sewing blogger - VALUE PLUS! Especially since I'm already a PATTERNAHOLIC.  I'm so happy for MiMi and wish her continued success! 

August 16, 2014


Happy weekend ya'll!  What type of weekends do you like best?  I must admit that most of my weekends are spent lazying around - just one of my guilty pleasures.  Believe me, I have LOTS that I could should be doing, and I promise myself that I'll get at least a few pertinent things done today, BUT I thought; what a wonderful time for our first little blog trip!

First Stop: Dellia's
Have you seen this dress!!!
Shown in true Southern Style.  I oooooooed and ahhhhhh for a while when I first laid eyes on Dellia's dress posted at the end of July.  My first thought, "what a gorgeous party dress".  I could even feel the fabric - in my mind that is - that she named a wild colored paisley shantung.  This dress sent me flying to the pattern cabinet (my norm) to see if McCall's 6955 was already in my stash.  After a mad dash, I wiped the sweat from my brow and exclaimed "good, it's already there".  Mind you, I have no idea when I would get a chance to make it up - BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM, CAN'T SHE!
Party in the back - I'm just saying...  Gorgeous and serious racer cut back - What pretty girl wouldn't want a dress like this?!?!?!   I'd even go as far as inviting myself to someone's wedding, party or some other dressy event just to get a chance to wear a dress this pretty.  One day, one day, I'm telling you - this dress will be mine!  Wanting to know every detail about the dress construction - I asked Dellia what she used for the lining.  Her answer:  Hi Linda, Since the fabric was silk, I decided to go with Habotai silk for the lining.  It's really light and flowy.  This, by the way is not the only pretty thing Dellia has whipped up - for a closer look at her sewing world click here.

Last Stop: Dear Lillie
This porch was located at her old house that I watched as she decorated.  She changed this porch per season, and I thought she created were the prettiest rooms.  She has since moved to a new house and now I'm watching as she renovates and decorates all back over again.  She's also been working on decorating her brother's house.  I'm always amazed with her decorating talent.  She's also an excellent photographer as you can see.  She often includes pictures of her 3 little girls who are beautiful, and I think she named the blog after her eldest.
A picture of her current kitchen that I L-O-V-E  everything about - especially the nautical striped roman shades that I SWEAR I'm going to make just as soon as I can get roundtuit!  This particular kitchen post has a link included for a tutorial that even describes how to paint the fabric for the shades.  Don't know if I'd take it quite that far, but alas - I am a dreamer!

Hope you enjoy our first blog trip and will consider joining me on many more to come...

August 10, 2014


...I don't even get to travel as much as I would like - I don't usually have the time, and besides highway travel has started to make my nerves really shakey.  Anyone out there need a good passenger seat driver?  I excel in riding shotgun.

I've really been contemplating adding a "BLOG TRIPPING" feature to my little place on the web.    I'm always finding cute and interesting new to me blogs during my frequent blog trips, so I'm going to start bring them to the forefront here on my blog.  I'll just point them out, give them a little mention and tell you why I found the blog so interesting.  The trips may or may not be sewing related, so of course you can skip the posts that don't catch your eye (that goes without saying doesn't it?).  Maybe you will have already seen them, maybe not. But I'm sure someone will find several that are  new and interesting to them to them as well.

So when ever you see my new "blog tripping car", and hear me beep the horn, you'll know it's time to hop in and take a little spin with me...
Isn't it just the the cutest vehicle you've ever seen.  There's no need to stop for gas because it's totally flower powered - haha.  We'll be traveling by back roads so hopefully there won't be any heavy traffic so I'll be doing all the driving.  Be on the look out for me...

August 9, 2014


...hello out there in sewing land.  The sound coming from Faye's Studio lately has been mmmmmm....CRICKETS! Immma have to dust my sewing machine off from lack of use.   I'm not going to cry or complain because of this "lack of sewing motivation" that always seems to hit me near this time EVERY YEAR.  Most times it's  known hit right before the change of seasons - but you know living in Georgia means that summer really lasts at least until the end of September - at least.  Even though there are still weeks of summer weather left, I have to admit that I am soooo longing for Fall/Winter sewing with it's rich colors and heftier fabrics.  My gears are churning though, and I'm storing up lots of sewing possibility ideas in my head.

Usually I'll FIGHT SEW my way through a sewing slump, but not this time.   Guess I've been too busy to do even that.  High school started last Thursday, and needless to say - I'll be building this plane as I fly it as usual!  Praying every day for a good and productive year with these 70 students!

As far as it goes with
I've been so tired by the time it comes on that I've slept right through the ending and had to catch it on On Demand or the internet afterwards!  There's several things I've gleaned from Season 13 thus far:
  • Love, love, love Hedi's coat hanger dress, or what's left of it.

  • Sandhya's two wins - What The What!!!  I think the judges are doing a great job throwing the contestants off - me too, I'm confused!  We certainly don't know what they want or are looking for!  One thing for sure though, they are fast making Sandhya the MOST HATED contestant of the season.
  • It's not good to judge other designers or make negative comments in your little cameo shots.  You just never know when the tables will turn and you'll have to eat your own words.  Common sense.
 On another note, I did get my Skirting the Issue skirts in the mail early this week. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get a pattern cut out and started this weekend, hopefully...

July 24, 2014


....it's better than Wednesday, it's finally Thursday and time for

July 20, 2014


...I'm almost certain that I won't win any blogger awards for this make, BUT it's exactly what I wanted.  I've been saying for a long time that I wanted a slouchy, yoga band, knit maxi skirt.  You know the easy wear kind that you can pull on with a tank top when you need to make a run to the store.  Yep, that's exactly what I wanted, and now I've got it.  I had a couple of patterns in mind  - these were the two I chose from

I liked both, and went back and forth with my decision before settling on the first one.  I started out by removing 4 inches each from the hem of both the front and back pattern pieces before cutting.  The pattern runs extremely large, and in the end I finally took the skirt up in the side seams by what amounted  to 3 sizes.  I now wish I had just gone ahead and used the slimmer skirt of the second pattern and just added a yoga waistband.  I really like the skirt though, and plan on making a second one using the other pattern in a denim look knit that I have on hand.

I used a light weight cotton knit that's held resident in my stash for a very long time.  At first I thought it might be too light weight, but turns out it was just right for what I wanted.

Well, need I mention that
starts this week. Finally, something to watch on TV that sparks my interest...

July 12, 2014


...I set a goal to make two small skirts for the Skirting The Issue sew-a-long that I mentioned in my last post.

 I got one made on Monday then the week got busy and I didn't think I'd be able to get the second one done.  But feeling the need to sew last night in the middle of a blog cruising session I found this little skirt tutorial at DanaMadeIt.com.   Really, Dana makes the cutest children's clothes.  Although I don't have a little girl, her makes are so cute that I can't help wanting to stitch some up myself - what better excuse than the Skirting The Issue sew-a-long.  I didn't have any seersucker like the inspirational skirt, but I did find lots and lots of colorful plisse that's been in my stash since why back when I first started sewing again - I think I had planned on making summer PJ's out of it.

Here's my finished product

It's made for a girl sized 4/6, and I'm hoping the sweetie that gets it just loves it to pieces.  So I've got two to put in the mail early next week.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little stash busting especially when you feel the need to sew, but don't know exactly what to sew.
Thought I'd show a little organizing tool I recently incorporated.  This pretty flower pot helped me round up my cutting tools and have them easily in reach.

Happy weekend sewing to all...       


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