September 26, 2014



surprise, surprise I did stay awake long enough to watch the entire episode.  This morning I remember who won and who went home - by this afternoon that story might change though, ha ha.  My synopsis:  FAVOR JUST AIN'T FAIR (Just imho) nough said- AMEN!!!.  I think Tim would have shown the same favor for any one of them in this situation with guest models.

On another note, Project Runway continues to expand it's brand - new program called THREADS (with children contestants) coming in October.  I'm not sure if it's going to be only one show or a series.  At any rate I LOVE IT!!!  Something else for me to look forward to...

September 25, 2014


...are you like me, always looking for new storage options in the sewing room?  My dream sewing space would be at least double the size that I have now - WOULDN'T THAT BE NICE!  But even then, I'd just fill it up to the brim and still need to figure out storage options to hid some of this stuff.  Like most people who sew, I am highly bless to have all of my sewing stuff - I just LOVE it all, but my space does tend to get a little disorderly and crowded.  I noticed these treasure chests while shopping at one of my cleaning supply stores - Family Dollar.

I actually have them in three sizes, the smallest one (not pictured) is half the size of the one pictured in the front. 
I have two of the larger chests.  I use one for dark lining fabric, and the other for light colored linings.  One mid sized chest holds my interfacings and the other is used for my collection of shoulder pads.

The two large chests are housed on my book shelves until there's a need for the stuff in them.  Of course the dream sewing space would have double this amount of shelving.  I hope to one day have matching magazine storage containers - or maybe one day cover them in matching fabric or maybe even burlap (great idea that I haven't been able to get around to as of yet). And SINCE I'M ALREADY DEEP INTO THIS DAY DREAM; a walk-in closet filled with rows and rows of shelves for my fabric stash, oodles of drawers for patterns, and of course great lighting.   A GIRL CAN DREAM - RIGHT???

 What type(s) of great storage options have you incorporated into your sewing space???

September 21, 2014


...since happiness returned I'm able to really get my Fall sew on.  I finished my third project for the new season today.  It came from my fantastic TNT McCall's 6654 knit skirt pattern.  Love this pattern.  For me it needs only the small alteration of tapering or pegging a little bit in the side seams- that gives me the perfect fit.

This striped aztec print knit jumped out at me during a quick run through Hancock's on Friday.  Cost $19.99 but a deal with a 50% coupon - I bought a yard - discovered I only needed 3/4 yard when I got home and looked at the pattern.  Could have sworn that the pattern called for a full yard.  Oh well, maybe I'll remember that next time.  The fabric comes already bonded with an underlining, but I still thought it would get better wear if I lined it, so I did.
Our temps are still in the upper 80's so this skirt won't be worn for a little while, but at least it will be ready when the time does come.  I saw a skirt in this same print somewhere during an online snoop shopping trip priced at $189.00.  I can't say enough about being SO GLAD THAT I SEW!  I think my skirt is just as wonderful as that one and cost $170.00 less...

September 20, 2014


I proclaimed that my Mother and I are Project Runway's Biggest Fans.  As a matter of fact we should have been the first to be invited last season when they aired a segment that featured PR fans - after all, we are the Biggest Fans.  We couldn't wait until the new season started, and we have a regular ritual of calling each other before the show starts every week.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

MOTHER:  Well it's Thursday are you ready?  I've already had a little nap.
ME:  Yes, I'm ready; I'm watching the reruns right now.
MOTHER:  I'll tell you right now, I'm not going to make it.
ME:  Well I for one am not making any promises.  I've nodded out before while watching sitting straight up in a chair.
MOTHER:  I've come to the realization that I am NOT going to torture myself with this any more.  I've tried everything!  I'm going to bed!  I can watch it tomorrow, I have it set to record.
ME:  It is torture!  I tried propping myself up in bed, but that didn't work.  Woke up with a neck cramp and ended up having to go in for an adjustment.
MOTHER:  Well it comes on over and over again back to back.  I'll just watch it tomorrow.
ME:    Well I can always watch it online or catch On Demand.
MOTHER:  Well let's talk tomorrow, hope you make it.

ME:   I didn't make it. Who won?
MOTHER:  I didn't make it either, and had to watch it twice today.  I fell asleep on it the first go round.
ME or MOTHER: I saw the whole thing, but I can't remember who won - who went home?

CONFESSION:  As much as the Biggest Fans LOVE Project Runway - we can rarely stay awake long enough to watch an entire episode!  Pitiful, I say Pitiful!

My mouth fell open at the most notable judging critique of the evening.  The award goes to Heidi Klum's comment about Sean Kelly's American Doll crippled peace sign jumpsuit outfit:  "I don't think the look is o.k. at all to be honest with you.  To me it looks like a McCall's pattern book sew it yourself kinda thing."

All in all we do really enjoy watching... 

September 17, 2014


... I hadn't looked at Etcetera in quite a while, but true to form they still have cute clothes that spark my interest - styles that fit my taste but not my budget.  I'll take one of each please - they are all sewing possibilities.
What's your favorite online clothing site????

September 16, 2014


...as mentioned last post - "Inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time; and anything, anywhere—can spark the creative process".   I can't exactly put my finger on what it is about Chico's that always catches my eye - the catalog always brings a smile to my face even more than the September issued fashion magazines.
  •  Pumpkin bracelet length swing jacket
  • Camel cowl neck knit dress
  • Blurred purple boyfriend cardigan
  • Renaissance red turtleneck
  • Do I dare faux fur vest
  • Red leopard scarf
I could easily make these pieces appear from my sewing room.

What catalog or online stores spark inspiration for you???


  • Pants Sewing Guide
  • Denim Revolution
  • Pants for Real People
  • Jackets for Real Peopls
  • Easy, Easier, Easiest Tailoring - Palmer & Pletsch - Gifted
  • The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook
  • Ribbon Crafts
  • Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers
  • Successful Serging
  • Making Trousers for Men and Women
  • Couture Sewing Techniques
  • Singer - Perfect Plus
  • Cool Couture
  • Couture, The Fine Art of Sewing
  • Singer Sewing Reference Library - Tailoring - GIFTED
  • The Perfect Fit: The Classic Guide to Altering Patterns - Creative Publishing International
  • Fit for Real People
  • DK-The Complete Book of Sewing